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Where am I? - A travel fantasy from Wen-Han CHANG

Open Gallery Berlin has done two group shows, "Fernweh"* (Wanderlust) and "Heimweh"** (Homesickness), during the COVID-19 pandemic. After more than two years of the pandemic, it seems that we all have had enough time to fantasize about traveling! Since we wanted to curate a show about travel, Wen-Han talked with us about a “surreal” travel concept. We then started a journey together with Wen-Han. 

He has blended in an ancient Chinese text, "The Butterfly Dream"***, written by the Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi (476–221 BCE), into his surreal travel collection; full of imagination and dialogs! And during this process, we have ocasionally even forgotten where we are.


Please join us on this fascinating Journey - "Where am I? Surreal Travel- The Butterfly Dream"


- Angela & Sinan, June 2022


  • *please see Archive: 15. 01. 2021

  • **please see Archive: 15. 04. 2021

  • *** The Butterfly Dream: Zhuang Zhou once dreamed he was a butterfly, being able to do as he pleased. As a butterfly he did not know he was Zhuang Zhou.

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