Open Gallery Berlin will feature four solo exhibitions between July and November 2021,

followed by the group exhibition "Blue, White and Red" which will launch on November 15, 2021.

(Please see our open call for applications)

"The colours of Fadi's works attract me at first glance; emotional and ambitious. We have worked with Fadi since April on this solo show. Fadi has concluded the previous works and also created new works for Open Gallery Berlin and co-curated this show, "How r u?"

Fadi used to work as Executive Creative Director in an advertising agency. And now Fadi's Studio is away from the city in a mountain area. I think he finds his peace after all the glamour. However, I could see his empathy for people.  A great offer to a simple question: "How are you?" 

It was a great joy to see through Fadi's eyes. We had an internal debate about whether to put the "answers" next to the artworks.  I hope you enjoy this exhibition just like I do." 


Angela Hsu, September 1, 2021