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about us

Open Gallery Berlin is an online art gallery. It was initiated in the summer of 2020 in Berlin, when the whole world was overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic. Its purpose is to create a space for artists to show their work when venues are closed, as well as for art lovers to enjoy art while staying at home. We regularly curate open calls and invite artists around the world to show their works.


In 2021 we will begin with two exhibitions:

Fernweh/ Wanderlust 15.01.2021 - 14.04.2021

Heimweh/ Homesickness 15.04.2021 - 14.07.2021

Apart from being an online gallery, the Open Gallery Berlin cooperates with physical spaces such as art venues, galleries and museums. You can get an impression of our previous events here.

We plan to present additional solo shows later this year and we would like to invite you to join our upcoming Collector's Club.

Angela Hsu

Independent curator, Berlin


Since 2015, Hsu has been an active curator in Berlin, working closely with galleries, museums, and public art spaces. In 2019,  she co-created “Berlin Melting” in cooperation with Gallery Kuchling in Berlin to introduce European Artists to Asia and it continues to run annually. In 2020, she co-founded Open Gallery Berlin with Sinan Ertugrul, in order to promote original artworks online. Hsu’s curation elements are mainly of cultural and universal value.

Sinan Ertugrul

Independent curator / film producer / photographer, Berlin

With a background in documentary film production, he started working as an independent art curator and project manager in 2019. Together with Angela Hsu he co-founded Open Gallery Berlin in 2020. In September 2020 his photographs were exhibited as part of a Taiwanese cultural event in Germany.

contact us

Open Gallery Berlin Curator: Angela Hsu (Berlin/Germany) Curator: Sinan Ertugrul (Berlin/Germany) Curator: Momoe Okabe (Bali/Indonesia) Curator: Shirley Zhang (Beijing/China)


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