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Anker 1

Solo exhibition

Georg Jansen - Déjà vu
15.07.21 - 30.08.21

All artworks in this exhibition can be acquired.
Interested buyers can get in touch with us at

"Beijing and Berlin, East and West – Since I have been living in each of these two cities for many years, the photographs I have collected have become my twin arsenal of visual recollections of The Big City. During my stay in either, any sight invokes a vivid evocation of the other. My memories consist of people, faces, cityscapes and much more. All of these are somehow integrated into a visual bundle. I hope, through my pairings, I am able to convey some of my stories from these capital cities. Maybe I might even be able to revive some of the viewer's own experience with these two – or with YOUR own big city." - Georg Jansen

Born in West Germany, Georg Jansen studied philosophy, German literature and musicology in Bonn, Berlin and Lisbon. He worked as an architecture photographer in various Asian countries for a German agency. His photographs have been shown in Lisbon, Passau, Brüggen and Beijing. Apart from his artistic work, he was a teacher of literature in Beijing, Lisbon, Göttingen and Berlin.

(Please click on the artworks to view them in full screen.)

City life through the curtain of a hotel room window
Between major moments, watch for the minor ones – those are much more telling
Never call the crisis point of your journey a mistake – just look for the next corner to go around it
Non-personal meeting people in person
Sneak a peak at the faraway past
What does it mean, all this meaningfulness around here?
Observe from inside out!
Shoes are not only made for walking
Stranger than kindness
People´s dynamics reflect the city –
all busy, but in a different way
See-through windows are less interesting than the other ones
Stay for a while
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