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Solo exhibition

Fadi Elchamaa
'How r u?'
01.09.21 - 30.11.21

All artworks in this exhibition can be acquired.
Interested buyers can get in touch with us at

This online exhibition is best viewed on the non-mobile version.

'How r u?'

“A  simple  question  to  a  complex  feeling.  How  are  you?  It is  ambiguous. Been  always,  but  now  even  more.  It  appears  we  lost  our  ability  to  find the  right  words  to  describe  our  spirits,  as  we  are  constantly  living  in states  of  limbo,  in  between  this  and  that,  or  all  of  this  and  all  of  that.  We, therefore,  answer  back  with  uncertainties.  Nevertheless,  how  you  are, no  matter  how,  influences  my  entire  being;  the  occurring  portrait  is  not just yours, it is also mine.”

- Fadi Elchamaa

Born  in  1960  Beirut,  Lebanon,  Fadi  Elchamaa  is  a  creative  director  and  a  self-taught painter  since  the  1980s.  During  his  long  practice  he  participated  in  numerous  national and  international  exhibitions  and  happenings,  two  solo  exhibitions  (Egypt/Lebanon),  co-founded  'The  Sleeping  Productions'  art  collective  in  Beirut,  and  is  an  active  participant  in shaping the Lebanese cultural narrative.

...nothing much

nothing much 13_920x1440.jpeg


alright 12_1435x1440.jpg better

am alive 7_1143x1440.jpg

...medium well

medium well 3_933x1440.jpg
medium well 4_914x1440.jpg
medium well 5_927x1440.jpg
medium well 6_942x1440.jpg


ok 14_1054x1440.jpg
ok 15_1062x1440.jpg

...not so bad

not so bad 16_1964x1440.jpg
not so bad 17_1943x1440.jpg
not so bad 18_1954x1440.jpg

...been better

been better 8_825x1440.jpg
been better 9_1418x1440.jpg

...hanging in there

hanging in there 10_1133x1440.jpg
hanging in there 11_1154x1440.jpg far so good

cool 19_1060x1440.jpg
cool 20_1061x1440.jpg

... dot dot dot

dotdotdot 1_1059x1440.jpg
dotdotdot 2_886x1440.jpg

A glimpse into Fadi Elchamaa's studio

emotional tree sketching 1 (not for sale).jpg
emotional tree sketching 2 (not for sale).jpg
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